Every big change begins with small little steps.

Now, it’s been more than 6 years that I started my first weblog. And is my first weblog that I write in English. Over the past years, I read a lot of blog posts about “How to start a weblog“. All of them tell you that it is very easy to start a blog. But even all of them have one similarity. No blog post tell you what to do after the blog launch.

Okay, one thing is true. It IS really easy to set up a weblog. BUT it’s not so easy to grow it from 0 to 10.000 page view a month, for example. So what can you do to get over this barrier?!

Over the past weeks, I thought a lot about me and this weblog. I thought could it be a mistake to start a blog? Or which topic could be interesting to write about? Would I get enough page views? Should it be really important to get thousands of page views? Should I write in English?

And after a while, I realized that there are two different people. On the left side, there are people who built something and grow it over many years. They work on it every time and they want to show you how they build it. They tell you everything about every step they did. So they want to tell you that the way is more important than the goal.

And then there are the other people on the other side. I will call them the consumer or better the finisher. The consumer or the finisher even want to build something. But for them, it’s more important to complete the project and show it to you. They don’t want to tell you everything about what they did and what they can change or make better on the project. These people only want to show you with a simple short view how they build it and what it is. They complete the project and give it to you. For them, it’s more important to tell you the goal is more important than the way.

So the difference between these two groups is that the first group (left side) want to show you the whole way. And the second group (right side) want to show you the result.

Every group has their own pros and cons.


I came to the result that I’m a consumer. Don’t misunderstand me, I even want to learn and explain how the way was. But for me, it is more important to see the end product. For example, when I develop a video game with Unity 3D. Then it makes a lot of fun, to experimentย with the physics, graphics and something else. But after a while, I want to finish the game. I want to complete the project to show it other people and let them play the game.

If the game is good, then it could create happiness by some people. And that’s the reason why I want to develop video games. I want to entertain people when they are depressed, unmotivated, tired or something else. I want to do that because with video games you can get into the heads of some people and manipulate their feelings.

I know, that sounds a little bit creepy or crazy. But my goal is to get the woman or man and put a game on her or his hand and let them play my games. So they can relax and have some time for their own.


At my first post on this weblog, I told you that I started this weblogย because I want to learn to write better in English. This is my first goal with this blog. So my second goal depends on the topic of this weblog. As you know I work as a deputyย head of department at an e-commerce company. So I want to give you an inside view how it is to work as a deputyย head of department.

Then my third goal is to grow this weblog. I really want to grow it to 10.000 views a month. I think this would be possible but it needs a lot of hard work. And then my last goal is to give you some lifestyle tips.

Every day all of us have moments where we think about life. What could we do better or what we want to experience again?! Sometimes it sounds very easy when somebody tells you that you have to make one simply different think every day, to get the most impact of your life. But that sounds much easier than it is.

For example, if you see your neighbor tomorrow, then give him or her a handshake. Or if you drink every morning a cup of coffee, then change it tomorrow to a glass of orange juice.

Or what I even do is to cook a new meal every weekend. I google a little bit and search for some delicious recipes.

Have a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading