Trash exists everywere and it’s our task to take control on it, that we don’t pollute and waste all the places that give us a lot of space.


I started this blog some months ago and every time when I came back, I’ve got some barriers in my head to kick this blog to the next level.

I mean, I’ve created this blog to tell you something about my life, my work, my interests and so on. So my big goal was to give you some inspirational lifestyle tips but now I think this is my biggest issue.

A long time ago, a friend of mine said: ‘If you want to tell somebody what they can do, then at first you have to learn self what you can do.”

And the emphasis lies on ‘can’. In our today’s world, we all want to get the best for us and we want to show it to world that we get it. When we post an image on Instagram, we don’t want to save there for our self.

The real reason why we post it there is because we want to show the world that we have created something from our own strength.

For me when I started with Instagram, it was an experiment, but now it’s motivating for me when I post there a picture from a meal and if so many people like it and write a comment on that.

And I think this could be important for us. We need this feedback from other people and we should communicate with other people from around the world. That gives us a more sensitive view of people from around the world.

So what I do is, I want to stay at Instagram and post there more pictures because I think it could give me a good way to understand what I can do and how I can develop my personality.

But what should I do with this blog?

I want to write more blog posts. And I want to get more readers. I read a lot of blog posts about ‘traffic’. But most of them tells you in an indirectly way that you have to pollute the internet to get many readers.

So here is an example:

I read a blog post about how I can get massive traffic from Pinterest. On this article there was the tip, that I have to take the same image but with different titles on it. Then I have to use a website which automatically pins these images on Pinterest at different times.

What I learned was that this works really good. The first week I’ve got 5x more visitors to my blog as previously. But then I stopped with this method because with so much traffic I’ve got a lot of disadvantages.

At first I’ve got a lot of spam comments. Okay, we could say that this is normal when you blog is growing then not only the good things will happen.

But at next, I took a look at the statistics and I thought about the users that all came to this blog and read my posts.

So I thought, I wanted to create this blog to tell you something that I have learned in my life. This means that what I post here on this blog is something special, especially for me.

I don’t want to publish so many posts with exactly the same topic and the same content but with only different words. I mean why should I tell you exactly the same thing with other words. That’s bullshit, that’s really shit.

And then I thought, I don’t want to pollute the internet. I only want to publish things on the internet that I think that it is the value.

Now I stopped the automated systems that reproduced my social content to create massive traffic. I went some steps back and published my content at self.

I want to get readers to my blog, who’s really interested in my content and not only on a click and then he or she closes the tab.

So at the end of this post, I want to say thank you to all of my readers who comes here because he or she is really interested in my content and not only for the clicks.


Thanks for reading