Hey guys,

now I’m ready to write my first post here on But why did I started a weblog?

There are so many reasons that could explain why and why not. But the most common response was, that in today’s century we all are connected to the internet and for a long time I thought about it, that it would be cool if everybody on our beautiful planet has a virtual identity.

And I don’t mean an anonymous identity. What  I mean is, that everybody has an online profile and shows us what a person he or she is and what interesting things does she or he does.

So last week, I think it was Wednesday, I read an article on (How To Turn Your Life Around Before The End Of 2016). And this article inspired me to start now with my new online career.

In the past, I had several weblogs all of them were about topics like game dev, technology, clothes and something else. But all of them crashed. To start a blog and write about things that interest you more than  any other things, are not so easy. But with a personal blog you can write about many topics that you want.

Now, I want to tell you something that happens in my life, maybe I write about a location where I found some cool stuff or tell you something about my experiences that I made as an assistant department manager. And I have two main goals with this weblog. First I want to learn writing better English and second I want to animate you to start with you own online career or try something that I showed you here at my space.


Thanks for reading