The time is alway infinite, but what goes on in life is ultimately only finite.


Time is the biggest barrier that holds us back from what we wanna do.

Take a break and think about one moment in your whole life, when you wanted to do something but you’ve didn’t it because it would take too much time.

Here ist an example from me:

Since 5 months I have an app idea in my head, it should be an Android an iOS puzzle game. I installed all programs on my computer that I need for the development. I ordered a smartphone for the development tests and I also created a concept sheet.

But I wanna tell you something, I only developed a prototype on my computer and after that, I did nothing anymore.


I believe that we all possess the ability to begin something new every time or to think about something that we could realize but we don’t do it because we believe that we can’t do it on a relatively short time.

But why do we act so stupidly? What I mean is, what have I get from it when I didn’t finish the app idea? Basically, nothing, in the truest sense of the word and even ambiguous – simply nothing.

I had an idea that could have a big impact on my whole life and I pushed it away after I was starting working on it for a while. The only thing that kept me away from it was the time.

I bet that most of you have even get some of this situation in their life, too. So should I tell you something, we have the time. But the problem is, in our modern time all of us want to hold on the control.

So for example, if we don’t finish our ideas anymore, then it doesn’t lie on our skills or that we couldn’t do it because we don’t know how to make a brushstroke on a canvas to finished it now.


But it’s because everything isn’t going according to plan. And if we as soon as we encounter a bigger obstacle would rather not walk around the wall anymore, but simply go back and leave everything behind and leave what could bring us much more than ever before.

On this problem, the only thing that we can’t control is the time. That makes us nervous or on some ideas it scare us. And what do humans do when they get anxiety – he or she withdraws.

Only in this way, we believe that we can win over the time but sometimes after a while we realize that we are the real losers and not the time.

We are those who discarded our own ideas and instead rather spend time in the worst case in idleness. So the worst what we can do every time is to run away before the time and although we should instead stand still and say: “STOP!! FUCK YOU TIME!!!


  • Even if you now need 2 weeks more to complete the painting…
  • Even if you now need 1 month to read the book to the end…
  • Even if you have to bake the same cake 5 times, until you finally get it, that it not only looks good but also tastes …
  • Even if you want to finally have the promotion in your job, which you’ve been waiting for so long …
  • Even if you want to visit you parents or you children, who live 100 kilometers away …
  • Even if you only have 3 weeks of vacation a year and would like to do this at the best time of the year …


All of this could be done and even much more. I’m a big fan of quotes, so here I have a quote for you from Steve Jobs. It’s from 2005 when he gave a speech at Stanford.

I am not an Apple fanboy or have ever personally met Steve Jobs or anyone else from Apple. But nevertheless, I believe that Steve and Apple have had an important impact on creating the world from today. (Steve Jobs speech… [Link])

So here is the quote:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.


Now, I don’t want to say to you Steve means this and this because I’m not a mind reader. But he definitely brings it to the point where I want to go.

So if you ever have an idea and should it be unbelievable to realize it, then you HAVE to realize it. Take the time that you need even when it takes more than you thought at the beginning.

And I believe at the end when you finish you project, you would be soo much happier than ever before and you get a minimum of one important knowledge.

The time is alway infinite, but what goes on in life is ultimately only finite.


Thanks for reading