Communication is king

Communication is everything – what I mean is communication build bridges. Do you know the sentence ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’?

When you want to understand this sentence then you have to understand how you, me and all of the others communicate with each other.

I can say to you ‘Hello, how are you?’. But I can also say nothing and just come to you, smile and hug you and make a light gesture with my hand. And probably you will understand me, too.

So what I want to say is, when you meet some friend or a co-worker or a customer in the near future, Β then take a few seconds and think about yourself. Think about how you communicate with the world and make it even wonderful.

Communication is one of the best inventions from mother nature and we are the creatures who have got these special features. We should use its best property, namely to bring people together.


Thanks for reading