If you want your food to be wonderful, then you have to prepare it in a wonderful way.

This week I wanna tell you something about my decision that I made some weeks ago. So it was in June when I was surfing on the internet. I looked for some new cooking recipes that I can try at home. I found one but when I was preparing it, I broke my last usable kitchen knife.

So my problem was, that I didn’t have any real good kitchen knives. When I finished preparing my meal, I went to the computer and looked for some new kitchen tools, especially kitchen knives.

The first thing what I learned a long time ago, was that if you want to cook great meals, then you have to use great kitchen tools. And some years ago I heard from the damascusย knives.

These knives are so special because there are very strong. The special thing about these knives is, that the production of one of these knives is very complex.

Normally a kitchen knife is made of one layer of steel, for example. So that means, the producers take a shape and pour the molten steel into that shape. After the blade has cooled down, it get it’s handle and the last process will be to sharpen the blade.


So as you can imagine, this production process is fast but notย quality-oriented.

A damascusย knife will be done by steel and iron.ย In an elaborate process, steel and iron are stacked one on top of the other and thus brought into their blade shape.

At the end, the blade is treated with a special acid, which gives it this special wave-like look.ย Due to this many layers of steel and iron, the blade is very sturdy.

Damascus knives are now cheap to buy.


I paid particular attention to the fact that the steel layers are high, that the knife fits well in the hand and that it looks beautiful. The price was not so important to me.

Why should the number of layers be high?ย Because of the higher the number of steel layers, the more robust the blade.

Why should the knife fit well in the hand? Because I have to work with it, or because I have to make some handmade work with it, my meals. And as you can imagine, if you want to craft some handmade things, then you need good tools.

And the last point, why should look the knife beautiful? I wanted a beautiful knife because I’m a human I love beautiful things as you too.

If you want to know which kitchen knife I bought, here you can find it.

Wakoli – Damascus kitchen knife (Link…)


Thanks for reading