When you let your feelings affect you decisions, then after a while your decisions will destroy youself.


Now I’ve been working for more than 1,5 years as a deputy head of department. And I learned a lot of new things not only about me, even about my colleagues and how to work together with other people.

And before I wanna start to tell you something about work delegation I want to give you the number one reason what’s important for every deputy or none deputy head of department – communication.

It doesn’t matter if you talk to other colleagues via mail, phone, video message or directly face to face. The important thing is that you must have to talk with them. If you don’t talk with them or when you talk with them only rarely the week then I can promise you that it can explode on your workspace.


So every human has the demand to connect with other people. It doesn’t matter if you really talk with them or if you give them your attention. To give somebody your attention and she or he notice it but don’t have to give it back to you.

But this doesn’t matter, even if you are the superior. What I wanna tell you is, when you are the superior you have to give you colleagues the feeling that they do great work. And what you have to learn at first is, not even you colleagues communicate with body language even you do this too.

Little attentions can have big impacts on the atmosphere on the workspace. So don’t even tell you colleagues they do great work. Sometimes it can be better to show it to them.

For example, our main task on our company is to control the returning packages from the customers and give them back their money. We can do this in many ways. And sometimes there we find new ways. So we choose a person from our department and give her a new task. We say you are the only person who can do this now and we want that you will do this for the future.

This shows you colleague that you trust him or her. For me, I saw every time a happy colleague who did good work because I showed her I trust you in any way.

So communication works in different ways.


Ok, on this step we have to be a little bit careful because I don’t wanna tell you to do great work but don’t earn enough money. What I learn is, that there are two sides. At first,

At first, YOU that you wanna earn a lot of money with less work. And there are you boss, who wants to get a lot of work done with less money.

So the worst thing that can happen is, that you want to much money for your work and that you boss want too much work for less money. You have to talk with you boss.

You have to show him, you do great work. And I learned the best way to show it, is when not you, tell your boss, that you do good work but rather you colleagues tell it to him or her.

I work in a family business and I’m not from this family but a lot of them are working on this company. So when they are at home or on weekend they talk a little bit about the work. How is it? What’s going on? Even what happens the last days.

And at the beginning when I was new, there my boss didn’t know me really well. He thought I can’t manage anything. Then after while he talked with some family members who work in my department and then he changed his opinion about me. He did not change every opinion that the had about me, but he realized that I worked really well with the other colleagues.

It sounds a little bit strange, but I think if you are an employee with no responsibility you have it a little bit easier at work than an employee who has responsibility.

So what I wanna tell you is, that if you do great work and not only the work on you table even the work with other colleagues, then you can earn enough money as you want.


As a supervisor, you don’t even have the privilege to make decisions. You also have to make decisions that decide about many lives. As a supervisor, you can know anything that many others colleagues don’t know.

  • You know which software update can come next,
  • You know which new products or product features will be release next,
  • You know which colleagues are often ill,
  • You also know which colleagues are often healthy,
  • You know which customers are especially important for the company,
  • You know which colleagues will leave the company,
  • You know which colleague is being bullied,
  • You know which colleagues are friends,
  • You know which colleagues don’t like each other,
  • And even more…

So what I wanna tell you is, that you don’t have the privilege to make every choice that you want. Sometimes you have to make a choice that can break a friendship, a person’s life or you have to upgrade a work process to save time.

To stay over this simple good and bad decision dilemma I can only say: Don’t make decisions with feelings. You can create friendships, relationships, upgrades, fire somebody or something else. No matter what happens you don’t have to allow these decisions to affect your feelings.

Every time when you have to make a decision, then always you must make your decisions objectively.

Here is an example:

A few months ago I had a colleague which I liked very much. Sometimes the supervisors have meetings with the bosses. And at the beginning of 2017 my boss said that we have to fire her because she didn’t make good work anymore. So he said she is not so fast anymore.

And the problem was that many people know that we two were closely befriended. So my boss didn’t tell me he was even testing me, whether I could objective enough. He wanted to test me, whether I don’t tell her anything at the moment.

I didn’t know it exactly but I learned to think in many different ways.

And I’ve done it. I really didn’t tell her anything about her notice. It could sound to you very bad now. Maybe you think: ‘What about your friendship Sven? Friendship is more important than anything else!’ But when you take a moment and think about it, then you agree with me that I make a right decision.

From a perspective as a friend it sounds bad, but from a perspective as a supervisor or a person who have to make decisions on a business. Then I think you wanna agree with me, that I’ve done the right.

If you have some tips, about how to do great work, then write a comment.


Thanks for reading