For over some years ago Stephen Hawking said:

Quiet people have the loudest minds

I think intelligence is deeply anchored in every human or let us say in every life. But there is a problem. Intelligence means, that we can’t understand what knowledge really is because knowledge is everywhere.

So if we want to understand what intelligence means, then we have to understand what knowledge is and what it can create for us. And here I think we have the problem.

There are tons of knowledge and our mind can’t handle all of it. So we have to decide which knowledge we want to prefer and create the best things with it.

What I mean is, intelligence can be the explanation for the way we understand how to deal with knowledge.

Here is a little example:

A chef can show me how I have to cook an omelet. He can tell me which steps I have to do to prepare the perfect omelet, but this doesn’t mean that I can cook the perfect omelet too. Why?

The knowledge about what I have to do is in my head, but I don’t have any practice experiences. So what I have to do is, to take this knowledge and turn it into movements.

And this is intelligence. Intelligent people don’t even own knowledge they want to practice with it and they want to create some experience with it to join the world and to live.

So this is the reason why intelligence exists.


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