If you make notes regardless of whether words or sketches, that will make your life more productive just in a few minutes.


So as the headline says, today I wanna tell you why I make notes everywhere I am and why I would promise you to do the same. As you know we all live in a big world that changes every day, every hour or even every second. There are many impressions that form our surroundings and the interaction between us and the environment. And the resultsΒ are our next steps in our whole life.

I started to make notes some years ago. When I started with my industrial education. At that time I realized that I need something to make notes or even sketches.

But at that time there aren’t smartphones. Or I believe one year before or so Apple released the first iPhone. But for me, it wasn’t an option to get a smartphone at this time because I was young and I don’t have money.

Well, I thought about my options how could I save my thoughts about everything, not only about my work. At first, I started to make some notes on every piece of paper that I got into my hands. But after a while, I realized that would be not so good because I can’t carry all the papers with my.

Then on summer when I was at my education I saw a co-worker with a little book. And that was the moment when I know that I need a notebook.


As I told you before, every hour we get many impressionsΒ around us. And some of them are so strong, that we thought about it a little moment and then we get some ideas.

For example, sometimes when you go to a supermarket and stays in front of the vegetables. Then there are moments thatΒ gives you flashes of inspiration what you can cook today. But these moments even have some bad properties, they come fast and they go away fast.

So what could you do at this moment if you don’t want to forget these ideas?

I make digital notes and ‘offline’ notes. I know ‘offline’ notes sounds a little bit crazy but I mean I make notes in a physical notebook. And I use both of them because it lies at the moment how could I make notes.

For example, when I stay at a bus station, then it could be easier for me to make my notes on the smartphone and not to hold a notebook on the left hand and to write with my right hand. Sometimes it could rain and you know what happens when water collides with paper.

My smartphone is water protected when I bought it. This was a very important feature which I wanted to have.

So my reason for the question ‘why I make notes?’ is because I realized that I can get flashes of inspiration everywhere on every time. And I need some little helpers, regardless of whether digital or physical.

This blog post was planned on my digital notebook. I love to make notes it gives me the security and it makes me more productive than I thought ever before.


There are two notebooks that I use. At first, I use a physical notebook. And my second notebook comes from Microsoft. Yes, I use Microsoft OneNote. I use my physical notebook often for sketches when I plan a new app idea, for example.

The digital notebook will be used when I have much to write. This blog post was planned on OneNote, when I was on my way to work. I really want to promise you to use two notebooks. That sounds a little bit too much. Why do you have to need two notebooks? But you can trust me, you can experiment with it.

Take some time, one or two months and work with both of them. Always when you get some ideas take you notebook and make notes. OneNote has the advantage that you can make you notes from every digital device which has internet access.

I use OneNote from my personal computer at home, from my smartphone when I’m outside and from other computers when I’m at work or somewhere else. So my digital notes are saved on the clouds. I can get them everywhere.

For a physical notebook, you don’t have to pay too much. I paid 4,- EUR for my notebook, so that’s not expensive. And you can get Microsoft OneNote for free.

Microsoft OneNote (Link…)

I hope this blog post gives you some impressions about saving life experiences. I wish you all a great day and see you later. If you have some other opinions why you use a notebook then write a comment. I would be happy to read them.


Thanks for reading