Simplify Your Life, Now!!!

The Future is coming. More and more time has gone and more and more lives have changed. Now, we live in a world where we have to make some decisions that have more impact on our life than we think.

I mean, for a while I read some articles about “how we think” and “what makes us so different from the others“. So on all these articles, I read a sentence that we (the human), the adult human have to make just about 35.000 decisions at one day. That’s so much for us, that we don’t know which decision have more impact on our next steps.

What I mean is, that we all want to live a life that gives us the ultimate fulfillment.

Here is an example:

How can it be, that there is a homeless personΒ at the other side of the street and she sits there every day onΒ the ground. The person has almost nothing, just the clothes that she is wearing now. And if you ask her, then she says: “I’m happy with all what I have. The only what I don’t have but what I need is food.”

What does this mean for me or for you? Did you ever think about it to clean up your lifestyle and get the life that you really want? I thought about it and I think I want to change some decisions that I had taken the last month or even years.

At the present time, the humans have created everything that we can take to live a life without to think about the 35.000 decisions every single day.

Don’t miss understand me. You or IΒ don’t really realize every single decision that we make. But some of them came up and shows us what we did the last seconds ago.

Time, flat, money and many other things don’t matter anymore when you know that the only important thing in life is, that you have to be yourself. Now!!!


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