Ohhh myyy god! I don’t know why but I was very demotivated the last days. That’s also the reason why I didn’t publish any posts. And that’s the second reason why I didn’t make some fitness exercises.

So I thought about: “What can I do?”. And then I started to clean up my apartment. I didn’t believe what I found in some corners of my home. Here is an example…

Clementine canvas

Some month or I believe, some years ago I watched The Walking Dead on TV. But after a while, it would be a little bit boring for me. So the TV series ended for me at season 3. Then a little bit later Telltale Games released the official game about The Walking Dead universe. And I loved it because I love stories. And Telltale Games created a very good story when they developed the game.

At first when I heard that a game about The Walking Dead is in development. I hoped that it would be like the series. So you can play some of the characters from the TV show. But after the first episode from the game, I was so surprised that I thought, it was such a good idea that they created another story in The Walking Dead universe and didn’t copy the TV show.

And what you see in the picture above, that is Clementine from the game. I painted a canvas last year or so, but as you can see I didn’t finish it yet. And now when I see the painting I think I’m stupid. The painting is almost finished. So I try to finish it the next weeks. Or I can, no no. I must finish it before my birthday next month.

That’s a perfect plan. So you all know it now. I HAVE TO FINISH THE CLEMENTINE CANVAS. And then I show you another picture of it when it’s completed.


That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy the next weeks.

best regards