Food is one of the strongest forces on this planet, it can control people only with its mere presence.

When I was 14 years old I started to learn how to cook. The first thing what I learned were the basics like how to cut vegetables, how to choose the right flavor and how to use the stove. After a while, I baked my first cake. And then I started with different cookie recipes.

So at this time, I thought cooking or baking couldn’t be so difficult and I started to experiment with many different ingredients.

The results were many full garbage bags. I was so motivated that I thought that I can combine cooking ingredients with baking ingredients. My first worst experiment was a sandwich with cheese, raspberry marmalade, butter and chocolate. And as you can imagine,  it was unedible.

It looked and smelled very yummy but it tasted so bad. And the problem was I was so motivated that I made 6 sandwiches. 5 and a half of them went straight to the garbage can.

So the first thing I learned after a year or so was that you don’t could combine any ingredients together.

My next step was to learn the basics again. And the most important recipe that I learned at first was how to cook rice. I think rice cooking gives us a deep impression how you have to manage the cooking processes.

There are many different ways how to cook rice but it gives us a lot of information what we have to note if we want to learn how to cook.

For example, if you cook rice you have to note that you choose the right temperature, then you have to choose the right pot, the right amount of water. And the amount of water depends on the amount of rice. And you have to choose the right pot when you know the amount of water and rice. But the temperature of the stove is also important.

As you can see the most important thing that you have to learn is, the ingredients and the kitchen tools have to work together. That sounds a little bit crazy but you can’t cook the best meals if you don’t have the right kitchen tools. And it’s the same on the other way, it brings nothing when you have the best tools but you don’t know anything about cooking.


When you want to learn how to cook great and it doesn’t mater if you want to cook for one person or for 10 persons. What matters is that you learn to cook with many kitchen tools and many ingredients.

The best chefs in the world know how to cook a great meal with many ingredients and kitchen tools. They don’t need so much time to think about what to do, they only take their time to cook. They need time to melt the butter in the pot or to chop the vegetables.

So this is what I learned at first. You can learn the cooking basics with recipes from you mom or dad but if you want to learn how to make you and you friends or guests happy then you have to learn how to cook with many different ingredients. And the best and easiest way to do this is to cook recipes from around the world.

I still remember that I started with finger food recipes from Mexico. After that, I went to chinese food and then I tried many other recipes from different countries. Why you have to go this way? I think when you try some recipes from around the world it gives you a very solid insight on how to choose the right ingredients for the right meals.

For example, the Indians often use curry for their meals. I believe the first meal that you remember is curry pan. But when you take a look at some Indian cooking recipes than you see there are a lot more ideas what you can do with curry. And if you take some time and learn a little bit about the Indian kitchen then you can use this knowledge in your own way.

You can cook great meals for you and you friends. What I do is, every week I go to the internet and search for some new recipes that I never tried before and cook them.

This trained me to use many different ingredients and learn what’s their specialty and what I can do with them. And this is what I wanna tell you.

Here are some recipes that I tried this week:

Chopped greek salad – by PinchOfYum [Link..]
Chilled cucumber soup – by TasteOfHome [Link…]
Pomegranate lime spitzer – by TheCasualCraftLete [Link…]
Coconut caramel malt – by PinchOfYum [Link…]

If you have some tips, about how to cook, then write a comment. And I started with posting every week a picture on Instagram of what I was cooking.


Thanks for reading