At first, we have to clarify what is the difference between love and true love.

If you love someone means that you have special feelings for this person. You want to be close to that person. You want to share your interests, your feelings and your thoughts with this person. But why?

Because love means to connect you live with the life from another person. That’s the reason why mothers fall in love when they hold their newborn in their arms for the first time. Every time when they were pregnant they know there is someone inside them.

And when the baby will be born then they can see it. They can touch it, they can feel it, they can smell it, so what I mean is they can perceive it with all of their senses. That’s also the reason why mothers and babies can create such a great relationship.

Babys communicate over body language. So when the baby was born, it lost his connection to the warm and safety body from the mother. And when the doctor or the midwife put the baby on the mother’s body it often stops crying because it feels the connection. It knows which body it feels now.

So I think love means that we want to share our whole life with somebody else. We want to connect with our love. We want to make some experience with our love.

When we fall in love our brain gets tons of fireworks because there are so many feelings that affect us, that affect our feeling, our thinking and our acting.

Love means that we can let fall us and our love with catching us. So to love someone is one of the biggest adventures of our life and we have the mission to find our love and the to live the best life that we can.

But what does true love means?

True love comes at the end. True love is a perception. When you have found your partner and you two have lived together, have made so many adventures together and you two were grown on your experiences. Then you could get the true love.

If you want to get the true love, then you have to live a life with you partner that would never forget. ItΒ means that you feel secure in the presence of you partner. It means that you feel what you partner feels.

You two have developed the ability to communicate with each other via verbal and body language. You know how you partner feels when he or she is one mile away. When your partner enters the room, you immediately know how he or she feels.

It means that you two are no longer searching for love, it means that you two have understood what you love means. At this one moment when you two have found the true love then there will be a sign. And the sign will be appearing at the same moment at each one of you.

Nobody can tell you how does the sign look like, but every couple who had found the true love will tell you that you feel it in the right moment and your eyes will be filled with tears.


Thanks for reading